The Stiftelsen Vi brand uses a set graphical elements in videos for television and online. These elements are laid out using margins which are explained in this brand guide. Templates for video are available to download here. Please note that the New Hero font needs to be installed separately to use these templates.


Logo usage and guidelines


Video Graphical Elements


Name bubble

The name bubble is a subtle example of the video branding that makes the Vi brand. This bubble is located in the top right hand corner of the video screen as seen in examples above.

Download the Vi Stiftelsen name bubble package




Vi logo video variation


To ensure the Vi logo is always visible in videos a Logo variation including a background is to be used.

Download the Vi Stiftelsen video logo variation package

Artboard 30@4x.png

Social media icons


For sharing social media handles the Vi Stiftelsen branded social media icons should always be used with the names.

Download the Vi Stiftelsen social media icon package

Artboard 31@4x.png

Video Content Guidelines


Content story

All video content for the Vi Stiftelsen brand should have a an over arching story. This consists of a singular message.


Video Colour Consistency


All videos for the Vi Stiftelsen brand should look as natural as possible. This helps with consistency across different videos and help keep the brand colours looking distinct in all content.

An example of acceptable well edited content

An example of acceptable well edited content




Videos should have the appearance of looking natural with the additional editing to counteract dull or poorly lit environments.

Unacceptable  Dull images

Unacceptable Dull images

Acceptable  Naturally lightened

Acceptable Naturally lightened

Unacceptable  High contrast images

Unacceptable High contrast images



Here are some examples of Dont’s

Unacceptable  Tints

Unacceptable Tints

Unacceptable  Oversaturated videos

Unacceptable Oversaturated videos

Unacceptable  Black and white effects

Unacceptable Black and white effects

Unacceptable  Pixilated videos

Unacceptable Pixilated videos

Unacceptable  Colour Filters

Unacceptable Colour Filters

Unacceptable  Blurred videos

Unacceptable Blurred videos